June Sarpong On The Gucci “Blackface” Jumper: “Who Designed That Thing?”

7 February 2019, 16:24

Broadcaster June Sarpong has given LBC her reaction to a Gucci jumper that has been taken off sale after complaints that it resembled "blackface" makeup.

The balaclava-type jumper has been removed from shelves after it sparked a social media backlash from people who claimed it was offensive.

The $890 sweater features a red lip-stye pattern around the mouth.

Gucci has since apologised, adding it was committed to increasing diversity.

June Sarpong gave her reaction to the Gucci "blackface" row on Thursday
June Sarpong gave her reaction to the Gucci "blackface" row on Thursday. Picture: Gucci/LBC

Sarpong, who spoke to Shelagh Fogarty on Thursday, said it was further evidence of why brands “need diverse teams”.

“Who designed that thing? What were they thinking?” Ms Sarapong said.

“When you have diverse teams someone in the room [would say] ‘hang on a minute, somebody is going to be not just offended… actually hurt’.

“What we must not forget is discrimination and any form of exclusion that’s based on unchangeable things… it’s so painful.”

June Sarpong’s new book “Diversify: How To Challenge Inequality And Why We Should” is out now.