Labour MP Jess Phillips Tells LBC The Mark Field Video Was "Harrowing To Watch"

21 June 2019, 14:56

Labour MP Jess Phillips tells LBC video of Mark Field restraining and removing a Green Peace protester was "harrowing to watch."

Speaking to LBC's Shelagh Fogarty the MP said: " I don't think I would ever have behaved in that situation."

Going on to say Mr Field was "heavy-handed" when dealing with a climate change protester.

Mrs Phillips said she deals with many situations where people "rage and scream," adding that protesters come up to her in the street.

"You have to learn to risk assess," the MP said, adding "this person was no clear threat at all. And, I think it's totally disproportionate what happened."

When Shelagh said that people were invoking the tragic assassination of Labour MP Jo Cox, Jess Phillips replied: "well, they shouldn't."

Explaining why the two incidents were not the same Mrs Phillips said Jo Cox was murdered on the street by a "terrorist with a plan and with weapons," not a "peaceful protester."

"There is a difference between a peaceful protester and a terrorist," the MP added.

Mrs Phillips told LBC that Mark Field should "resign and reflect."

Watch the whole exchange in the video at the top of the page, or watch the Mark Field footage which has sparked national debate.