The Justice System Needs To Protect Children From James Bulger's Killers: Shelagh Fogarty

12 February 2018, 15:59

When the former Justice Secretary told Shelagh Fogarty that the law should protect the killers of James Bulger, she insisted it should protect children from them.

Lord Falconer was discussing whether Jon Venables should continue to be covered by anonymity, despite his two convictions for viewing child porn.

Speaking of Venables, he said: "He'll be out in 20 months, but he needs to be protected..."

But Shelagh Fogarty insisted: "What about protecting children from him?

"There was a period when he had a relationship with woman who had a five-year-old daughter. She didn't know who he was."

Shelagh Fogarty questioned former Justice Secretary Lord Falconer
Shelagh Fogarty questioned former Justice Secretary Lord Falconer. Picture: LBC

Lord Falconer responded: "They need to be protected as well. He himself, from what has been reported, appears to be pretty open about the extent to which he poses a risk.

"Plainly, arrangements need to be made to protect him."

Shelagh then asked: "Can those arrangements involve him going to prison and staying there? There's a cycle of sitting there, waiting for him to hurt children."