Muslim Woman Bursts Into Tears As She Scolds Boris Johnson Over The Burka

13 August 2018, 15:27 | Updated: 13 August 2018, 15:33

A Muslim woman burst into tears as she scolded Boris Johnson over his “hurtful” remarks about the burka.

Aisha broke down while recalling a number of anti-Islamic attacks on close friends and family.

The caller is still undecided whether she will wear a hijab herself.

The Muslim Council of Britain has called on Theresa May to ensure Mr Johnson is subject to a full disciplinary inquiry.

Britain’s largest Islamic organisation says Islamophobic incidents have spiked since the former Foreign Secretary’s remarks were published.

Shelagh Fogarty Boris Johnson
Picture: LBC/PA

And Aisha blasted Mr Johnson’s use of language, in which he compared women in face veils to letterboxes.

She told Shelagh: “This sort of language that he has used is very hurtful.

“I felt very offended by it, I’ve never [experienced] that before.”

Beginning to cry, she continued: “I felt very upset because I feel like there’s already so much anti-Islamist stuff in the media.

“There are so many people I know that have been attacked or hurt and they’re just women - they haven’t done anything.

"They have had their niqabs ripped off, slapped in the street and told to ‘go back home’."

Watch the call above.