Landlord caller slams Tory's proposals for a no-fault eviction ban

25 November 2019, 17:17 | Updated: 25 November 2019, 17:23

This landlord says Boris Johnson's vow to end no-fault evictions is unfair and that's part of what tenants sign up for.

Mohammed, who rents out two houses, thinks the no-fault evictions "are fit for purpose." This legality allows landlords to take back their properties without needing a reason.

"That's what they sign up for," he said about tenants who have six or 12 month contracts, "there are laws in the tenancy and housing acts that support tenants over that period but if a landlord chooses to evict someone, be it whether they want to refurbish it or sell it, then they should have the right to do that and they do."

"To have that right taken away from them is quite unfair."

Shelagh asked to what degree the landlord has the responsibility to the tenant.

Mohammed said that if landlords intended to sell their properties and give notice, you'd expect them to do that but it's not always possible; he advised that tenants could ask the landlord at the beginning of their contract that, in the event of an eviction, they can have a significant period of notice.

He also said that the average landlord who is not a large corporation thus not protected by the same legislation may experience difficulties and lack of support.

For tenants, he said, "there are always things in place, I think the issue actually genuine is that people have lack of knowledge on how to operate."