Remainer And Brexiteer Face Off Over Boris Johnson's EU Speech

14 February 2018, 15:12

This is the heated row between a Labour and Conservative MP over Boris Johnson's Brexit speech today.

As she talked about the Foreign Secretary's Valentine's Day speech, Shelagh Fogarty invited Remainer Ben Bradshaw and Brexiteer Nadhim Zahawi to discuss how he did.

And the pair went head to head, with Mr Bradshaw heavily critical of Boris.

Shelagh hosted a fiery debate between Ben Bradshaw and Nadhim Zahawi
Shelagh hosted a fiery debate between Ben Bradshaw and Nadhim Zahawi. Picture: PA / LBC / Getty

Discussing Boris's comments on foreign workers, the Labour MP said: "It depends what immigration rules we adopt after Brexit, but we're already haemorrhaging foreign nationals who are vital for our health services.

"But Mr Johnson has had so many opinions on immigration. When he was Mayor of London, he used to be pro-immigration. And then in the Leave campaign, immigration was used as one of the tools to stoke fear about the consequences of us staying in the European Union.

"So I'm not sure that Mr Johnson's consistency is to be relied on on this.

"He deploys whichever arguments he thinks at that moment in time give him the best chance of ousting Theresa May when she falls."

Mr Zahawi responded: "If we're going to replay the campaign and Project Fear..."

But Shelagh Fogarty interrupted: "No, no, no. This isn't Cambodia, we can't go to Year Zero. If something still applies, it still applies.

The Tory MP then continued: "And Boris Johnson spoke of our ability to support our NHS after Brexit.

"The important thing now is to unite the country. Come together for the good of Britain. There are plenty of colleagues in Parliament who would have listened to that speech and thought it was a good thing that we're coming together."