Shelagh Fogarty Asks Brexiteer Tory MP The Same Question 15 Times

22 March 2019, 16:06

Shelagh Fogarty asked this Conservative Brexiteer the same question 15 times as she struggled to get an answer out of him.

The LBC presenter repeatedly asked ERG MP Marcus Fysh: What’s your plan if Parliament opts for a softer Brexit?

And when she didn’t get a straight answer, Shelagh simply replied: “You’re one of those people without a plan, aren’t you?”

Shelagh Fogarty repeatedly asked Marcus Fysh MP the same question
Shelagh Fogarty repeatedly asked Marcus Fysh MP the same question. Picture: LBC/PA

Mr Fysh insisted it would be "impossible" for the government to carry on if it wavers towards staying in the customs union or single market.

Meanwhile, there are reports MPs could be offered up to seven alternative Brexit options to vote on next week, including revoking Article 50 and a second referendum.

The Prime Minister is back in Downing Street briefing her ministers after being granted an extension to the UK's departure from the EU.

If Theresa May gets Parliament's support for her Withdrawal deal then Britain will leave the bloc on May 22nd.

If not, the UK has until April 12th to decide what it will do next.