Shelagh Fogarty urges caller to take coronavirus test after returning from Italy with symptoms

25 February 2020, 17:06 | Updated: 26 February 2020, 09:21

Shelagh Fogarty was left in disbelief when this remarkably relaxed caller said he'd give coronavirus test "a whirl" after he returned from the infected region in Italy with flu-like symptoms.

Tony came back from Italy over a week ago and while in Bologna he was greeted by people in hazmat suits taking his temperature.

Yesterday he started "blowing his nose a few times" and was experiencing a sore throat. He said he couldn't self-isolate and stay indoors because he lives with his elderly mother who has a chronic lung disorder.

Shelagh urged him to ring 111 and explain his situation, especially as he explained he lives with his elderly mother.

"I'm open to it," said Tony.

"You've gone from hero to martyr, don't be a martyr!" Shelagh said, "for the sake of your parent living with you, err on the safe side."

He promised he doesn't have man flu as he's not "writhing around on the floor sneezing."