The "Non-Acting Paedophile" Fighting His Attraction To Children

24 April 2018, 14:35 | Updated: 24 April 2018, 14:46

This is the remarkable account of a man who admits he is attracted to young girls - but doesn't act on his feelings.

David is a man in his early fifties who has been imprisoned for viewing child abuse images.

He told Shelagh Fogarty that he really doesn't want to have those feelings - but he can't stop them, so he sought help to ensure he never acted on them.

He said: "All my relationships have been with adult women, I was married for a long time. Unfortunately, I had a lot of affairs, all with appropriate adult women.

"I have two children and I know their friends."

Shelagh spoke to David, who had been jailed for viewing child abuse images
Shelagh spoke to David, who had been jailed for viewing child abuse images. Picture: LBC

David said his children know everything about his past, as do his children's friends and their parents, but they haven't always taken it well.

"I didn't fit the stereotype. I was successful, I was attractive. People imagine the bogeyman.

"It was difficult to use the word paedophile, as although I have paedophilic tendencies, I don't quite fall into that because of the age I'm attracted to, the application and the fact I'm attracted to adult women as well."

Shelagh asked if he considered himself a child abuser and he responded: "Physically, I've never abused any children.

"I've sanctioned the abuse of children by viewing images."

In an extended interview, David spoke about the moment police raided his house, as well as how he thinks society should respond to paedophiles. Watch it above.