'There were people in tears': Nick Ferrari on unveiling of memorial to fallen police officers

28 July 2021, 15:41 | Updated: 28 July 2021, 16:17

By Sam Sholli

LBC's Nick Ferrari has given LBC his reflections on the unveiling of a national memorial dedicated to fallen police officers.

The UK Police Memorial commemorates almost 5,000 police officers and staff who have died on duty.

Nick's words come after Prime Minister Boris Johnson told LBC the police are "indispensable" and deserve to be commemorated ahead of the unveiling at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire.

The Prime Minister and Prince Charles were in attendance at the event to unveil the memorial.

Nick Ferrari, who hosted the event, told Shelagh Fogarty: "What I think was special is this was the chance for everyone to show their respects."

Referring to the unveiling of the memorial, he also said that one "could argue [the unveiling of the memorial] has been a long time coming and it should have happened a while ago".

Nick also said: "Let's just remember...a lot of [LBC] listeners have helped fund this. So we must remember that."

He went on to describe the memorial as "absolutely spectacular".

In response to Shelagh saying "it must be such a special day" for relatives of the fallen police officers being honoured by the memorial, Nick said: "It was [and] it was a very poignant day.

"So I had the privilege, as you say, of hosting it. So I was sat sort of facing the main audience or the main gathering.

"And there were people in tears comforting each other, particularly when Katherine Jenkins sang 'I Vow to Thee, My Country'."