This Caller Thinks A Second Referendum Would Not Be Legitimate

29 May 2019, 20:06

This caller says a second referendum will not be legitimate unless all 35 million original voters are made to vote again.

This caller asked Roland Rudd, the Chairman of People's Vote, what he would do if there was a small majority for remain at a second referendum.

"Which has got the most majority?" The caller asked.

"Unless you force all 35 million people to do it again, it's not going to be legitimate." The caller said.

Mr Rudd replied saying that people were allowed to change their minds about "which form of government we're going to have."

Roland Rudd is the Chairman of People's Vote.
Roland Rudd is the Chairman of People's Vote. Picture: LBC

The caller said Mr Rudd was trying to overturn the result of the original referendum.

Mr Rudd told the caller that he would always agree with the "last democratic mandate."

"You're not," the caller interrupted.

In his reply, Mr Rudd said "I don't know why anyone's got anything to be afraid of by asking people what they feel now."

The caller disagreed, he said he thought the turnout would be lower and if only 20m people turn out to vote, which referendum would be more democratic.

But, the caller says he doesn't know if he'd vote if there was another referendum.

"I already voted," he said.