Shelagh Fogarty's Row With Tory Members Over Poll To Sacrifice UK For Sake Of Brexit

18 June 2019, 16:47

Shelagh Fogarty told two Conservative members they just vouched for a Marxist revolution after admitting keeping Jeremy Corbyn out of 10 Downing Street was "more important" than Brexit.

Conservative Party members would be prepared to break-up the United Kingdom if it meant leaving the European Union, according to a new poll.

Members said they would sacrifice the union, destroy their party or suffer economic damage to make Brexit happen, but would be prepared to remain in the EU if it meant keeping Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn out of 10 Downing Street.

But a caller to Shelagh Fogarty argued that he would fight to keep the union intact second to delivering Brexit.

"I would fight for Scotland, but my first fight it fighting for the democratic will of the vote, which was to Brexit," Darren said.

Shelagh replied: "So you'd sacrifice Scotland for Brexit? Members have sent a clear message that the only thing they would put above Brexit is keeping Jeremy Corbyn out of Number 10."

Shelagh Fogarty in the LBC studio
Shelagh Fogarty in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

Darren said: "Keeping him out is more important, we don't want a marxist in charge of the country."

But Shelagh fired back: "If Jeremy Corbyn said 'let's break up the union, damage the economy and destroy the Conservative Party', you'd say 'I told you he was a marxist revolutionary. But your own members have just vouched for that!"

As the row continued, Scottish Conservative Regan admitted he would "get down on my hands and knees" if it meant staying Scotland staying in the UK.

Shelagh put to him: "But your party membership is putting you into a position on your knees begging, where's your self respect?

"Whether its anger or frustration, if Jeremy Corbyn was saying those things, you would call him the marxist revolutionary you say he is, but your own party members are saying it."

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