'Was Brexit worth it?' Northern Irish caller's message for PM as disorder continues

20 April 2021, 15:26

By Fiona Jones

This Northern Irish caller phoned up LBC as disorder continues in her country, with a direct question for the Prime Minister.

Her passionate words came after a viable explosive device was found under a vehicle belonging to a part-time officer of the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

It comes against a backdrop of ongoing disorder and tensions across Northern Ireland's communities.

Northern Ireland's First Minister Arlene Foster condemned the attack:"I have spoken to the police officer who was targeted by terrorists last night in County Londonderry.

"I wanted to convey our support and utter condemnation of those who sought to harm her and her family."Reckless and futile. We salute her bravery and long service to our community."

Caller Heather reflected on this, "Personally [Westminster] really do not care, we really are the last scar of British Imperialism. We're the first ones colonised and we're still the thorn in their sides...they would love nothing more than to say cheerio and focus on Scotland."

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"What I would love to say to Boris though if he would ever have the time would be: was it worth it? Because Brexit was going to cause this constitutional thing?

"The Good Friday Agreement completely relies on borderless trade between the EU, Ireland and the UK. I don't think he truly believed in Brexit, I think he just said it as the Prime Minister.

"I would just like to ask him was it worth it?"

She predicted that there will be a united Ireland "just a little bit quicker than we anticipated."

Boris Johnson has been vocal on the ongoing football controversy, and Shelagh asked if this showed the PM cared more about this than Northern Ireland.

Heather said the controversial European Super League has been "an easy thing to talk about" as it appeals to the red wall voters.

"It's low-hanging fruit to make him look good and that's why he's running with it," she said, "I don't really have a foot in the whole football thing, but is this really what we should be talking about at the moment?"

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