What Margaret Thatcher Would Have Really Thought Of Theresa May

19 April 2018, 16:54 | Updated: 19 April 2018, 17:01

Margaret Thatcher’s first female private secretary has revealed exactly what the Iron Lady would have made of Theresa May.

Caroline Slocock arrived at Number 10 in 1989 - and although she disagreed with Thatcher’s politics, she was an admirer of the former prime minister who treated some staff “like family”.

She's now written a book documenting her time in the high ranking role.

People often draw comparisons between Mrs May and Britain’s first female PM.

But what would Thatcher really have thought of the now Conservative leader?

May and Thatcher compared
Picture: PA/LBC

“I think she’d feel sympathy for Theresa May” Ms Slocock told Shelagh Fogarty during a fascinating interview.

“I think she’d recognise the same problems that she was experiencing in relation to the men around her.

“There’s Theresa May having to do everything, which is what she said about her.

“She’s the one who takes the difficult jobs on when the men disappear.”

Ms Slocock added: “I think Theresa May is in that position too.

“It’s just she’s actually a great deal less powerful than Margaret Thatcher, she’s got a much, much weaker position.

“I think a lot of people feel sympathy for Theresa May, even though I didn’t vote for her I feel sympathy for her.”

People Like Us: Margaret Thatcher & Me is out now.

Watch the interview above.