The Worrying Reason Moped Gangs Terrifying Londoners Don’t Wear Helmets

17 July 2017, 15:45

A motorbike rider has told LBC the worrying reason why moped gangs are no longer wearing helmets while they're committing crimes.

There’s been a huge spike in moped-enabled crime in London over recent years with many linked to violent offences including acid attacks and robberies.

Last week, five people were burned when a corrosive substance was sprayed and two victims had their mopeds stolen.

Moped attack scene/Shelagh Fogarty
Picture: PA/LBC

Talking about the rise, Colin from Kent called Shelagh Fogarty to explain how he had come very close to falling victim to one of these attacks.

He told the LBC presenter: “I have on three or four occasions had to turn the throttle and disappear at a great rate of knots to keep my bike.

“There are little groups of lads on stolen scooters who ride three up and ride with no crash helmets because simply the police are not allowed to chase them."

Talking about the latest attacks, Colin continued: “All they’ve done over the last few days is change their weapon of choice to make something they don’t have to make physical contact with.”

He added: “They know the police can’t chase them and we need to rethink our laws I’m afraid.”