Caller breaks down in tears after recounting being raped

20 November 2019, 17:33

This caller vividly recounts feeling let down by the Police being told "It's your word against his" after being raped on a night out.

In this heartbreaking call, Helen from Tottenham recalls being invited to a house party on a night out and being raped by one of the people who lived at the property. She goes on to add that she left with her friends soon after, who supported her and went on to call the Police.

"They arrived pretty shortly after we got home", Helen remembered. "It was a male and a female officer, they asked me to do a sample at which point I discovered I was bleeding which was really traumatising."

As Helen goes through her traumatic memory, it was what the Police officer said next that had listeners stunned.

Helen recalls the moment the male police officer said "It's your words against his" repeatedly throughout the investigation and that she felt that those words hurt most, "it just completely crushed me."

Shelagh went on to console the caller and noted that Helen may be blaming herself, "you were in the line of fire and there was no way you could have know you were dealing with people like that."

The caller urged people to seek counselling if they had been in a similar situation but said that the sessions are too expensive for her to afford.

As listeners heard more, Helen now says that she "just wants to move on."