Caller Powerfully Lays Out Case Against A December General Election

25 October 2019, 16:41

A caller told Shelagh Fogarty that there shouldn't be an election in December - like the Tories are calling for - and that a referendum might be a better option.

Millie, from Slimbridge, told Shelagh Fogarty that she doesn't want a general election and that shouldn't surprise her because she's "not a big fan of Brexit".

She explained that Jeremy Corbyn wouldn't be able to get the same results he got in 2017 because of his "unpopularity with quite a lot of the country" and argued that "everybody has followed the propaganda about him."

Millie said that, if there was to be an election, she would "probably vote Liberal Democrat".

She worries that a general election is "in very great danger of delivering a Conservative victory" on the basis of them promising "free beer tomorrow."

Millie said that a Conservative majority would allow them to say they have a mandate for any sort of Brexit.

She went on: "We know the country is mostly against a No Deal. We know that after the election after the referendum in 2016, about 63 per cent of Leave voters expected to remain in the single market.

"So whatever they may say now, you know, that wasn't what people had understood at the time of the actual vote.

"Boris Johnson's deal is a lot like Theresa May's, only worse.

It paves the way to a hard Brexit, which we really don't want, you know, a hard No Deal Brexit."

Caller Powerfully Lays Out Case Against A December General Election
Caller Powerfully Lays Out Case Against A December General Election. Picture: PA

She continued: "I don't think if people are objecting to the Liberal Democrats saying that they will if they win a general election, which they probably won't but they'll do well, they'll immediately revoke Article 50.

"I don't see any difference between Johnson claiming a mandate for No Deal Brexit we know the country and the Parliament don't want.

So those two have an equivalence to me."

She then said that it would be "an absolute con trick" if Boris Johnson pushed us into a general election, claiming it was a mandate for a no-deal Brexit, which it wouldn't be because it would be "muddied with lots of other things".

Millie also expressed that a December election would be the "perfect time of year for a Tory thing" because "all the students will be in turmoil, back and forth from university" and "everybody will be changing their rental home leases".

She also referenced another tweet, questioning whether the Conservative party just want general elections until "they get the answer they like."

Shelagh Fogarty then referenced Nigel Farage's show last night. He argued that we need an election so that we can "get people in Parliament that reflect what the people want".

Shelagh asked: "How does he think the current crop ended up in there in the first place? We the people voted them in."

She went on to say that it is "really distasteful" that people like Boris Johnson talk about the "will of the people" when Parliament is "literally the incarnation of the democratic will of the people."

Millie then went on to talk about the People's Vote marches and how "million of people" were there. She then suggested another referendum - either a Leave or Remain one or a deal versus no deal.

She said: "We have to sort this out, we can't have it mucked up with police and hospitals and all the rest of it."