The Caller Who Wants CNN’s Jim Acosta “Locked Up” After Trump Presser

8 November 2018, 16:09

An LBC listener got a stern response from Shelagh Fogarty when he called for CNN journalist Jim Acosta to be “locked up” following his testy exchange with Donald Trump.

The reporter held on to the microphone as a White House worker tried to remove it from his hands.

He has now had his White House pass suspended after being accused of putting “his hands on a young women”.

Press secretary Sarah Huckerbee Sanders has been accused of sharing a “doctored” video of the incident, which critics say is to make Acosta appear more aggressive.

Lee, however, phoned Shelagh because he thought the CNN reporter was “rude”, “arrogant” and “disrespectful”.

Shelagh Fogarty meets the caller who wants a CNN journalist locked up
Shelagh Fogarty meets the caller who wants a CNN journalist locked up. Picture: LBC/PA

“The media should give [Donald Trump] a bit of respect, he’s doing a great job as President - I wish the UK had him,” he said.

“They attack him, he just gives him so home truths which the media doesn’t like.”

Turning his attention to Acosta, Lee continued: “You shouldn’t be wrestling a woman for a mic, get a grip, you’re a journalist.

“He was rude, he was arrogant and disrespectful to the President.

“To be honest I would have locked him up, they should have locked him up.”

At this point Shelagh had enough, cutting him off and hitting back: “Oh well bye bye, thanks for your call Lee - we’re locking journalists up now for asking questions.”