Tory MP pledges to take up care home visits cause with Minister

5 May 2021, 14:18 | Updated: 5 May 2021, 14:19

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

This is the moment a Tory MP pledged to contact a Minister to "please get the restrictions on visits to care homes slackened off."

After an exclusive LBC poll found two-thirds of people want more visitors to be allowed at care homes Shelagh Fogarty tackled the issue with a Tory MP.

Branding the restrictions on visitors for care home residents as "awful", Conservative MP Colonel Bob Stewart set out his stance on the issue.

He told LBC that the "Prime Minister, every Minister, everyone with any sense wants the freedom to go and see loved ones in a care home, immediately."

But, he said currently medical advice pointed against this.

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He told Shelagh that Vaccines Deployment Minister Nadhim Zahawi was a "very good friend" and if the medical advice supports it then he will "get it done."

The Tory MP said the Government was between a "rock and a hard place" with backlash from the public and medical professionals giving advice.

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Shelagh pointed out that all people wanted was a sensible look at the restrictions.

"Pass this on to Nadhim Zahawi if you would, we have a situation where people are having to bargain with care homes to see their loved ones, even when they're at the end of their life."

After an exchange between the two, the Tory MP was fired into action.

"Right, I've got it," he said.

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The politician pledged when he next saw Nadhim Zahawi he would speak to him and mention the conversation.

Telling Shelagh he would email the Minister and ask for the restrictions to be eased.

Col Stewart said he would ask: "Please, please get the restrictions on visits to care homes slackened off, in the very least."