'I think it's appalling what we've done to the Afghan people'

16 August 2021, 16:29

By Sam Sholli

This is the moment Tony Lewis, whose son Conrad was a British solider who died in the Afghanistan conflict, talks to LBC after the Taliban has taken control of the country's presidential palace.

The Taliban has seized control of Afghanistan's capital Kabul.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace told LCB that the world was “more anxious” and “more unstable” after the Taliban took Afghanistan's capital.

Speaking of the current situation in Afghanistan, Mr Lewis told LBC's Shelagh Fogarty: "I think it's an appalling state of affairs that we've exited in such a haste and allowed the Taliban to retake the country with such speed.

"I think it's appalling what we've done to the Afghan people.

"For 20 years, and certainly for the last 10 years since Conrad died, we've given them great hope."

However, he later said: "And now in a matter of weeks we've taken that hope from them and it's shattering."

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