Protest Organiser Says Schools Are "Overpromoting" One Lifestyle In Row Over LGBT Equality Lessons

21 May 2019, 20:03 | Updated: 21 May 2019, 20:06

Parent's were made to feel their "parental rights were being stripped" the campaigner at the heart of protests over LGBT equality lessons told LBC.

Shakeel Afsar. has organised protests outside Anderton Park primary over the teaching of LGBT equality lessons.

The situation has been on-going at several schools in the region with the Anderton Park School seeing almost daily protests at the gates at home time.

Mr Afsar told LBC that Muslim parents were made to feel as if the school had "become intolerant."

"Why wasn't the religious background of the parents met," he said.

Protests haver been occurring at the school for several weeks.
Protests haver been occurring at the school for several weeks. Picture: PA/LBC

The campaigner said parents were first aware of the lessons when pupils came home with books such as the Princess Boy, a book described as 'a story about love and acceptance,' Mr Afsar said he was talking about a number of religious communities feeling discomfort at the teaching.

The demonstrator said parents were sending children to a school which was "overpromoting" one lifestyle.

Claiming that out of 27 books the school gave to pupils, nine of them were "pro-LGBT material" and he even claimed one was Islamophobic.

Earlier on LBC local MP Jess Phillips referred to Mr Afsar as a "chancer" who was just out to promote himself.

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