Shelagh Confronts Caller Who Won't Call Charlottesville Protesters “Neo-Nazis”

16 August 2017, 14:28 | Updated: 22 August 2017, 09:53

Three minutes passed before this caller from Birmingham finally conceded that the Charlottesville rally was attended by Nazi sympathisers.

Despite Shelagh’s best efforts, Richard just would not say the words “neo-Nazis” in his condemnation of the rally, which saw one counter-demonstrator killed.

It comes after Donald Trump created fresh outcry on Tuesday night when he described some of those who took part in the protest as “very fine people”.

Shelagh Fogarty takes on Trump fan.
Picture: LBC/PA

Although Richard was clear he did not condone the violence, he would not go as far as describing the attendees as “neo-Nazis”.

“I don’t believe they’re as bad as the Nazi regime,” the caller retorted as Shelagh continued to ramp up the pressure.

He added: “I think the way the conversation is going is to blame Donald Trump and equates him to being a Nazi sympathiser - I think it’s absolutely ludicrous.”

But when Shelagh asked the caller for the umpteenth time to describe those holding torches shouting “hail Trump” at the rally, Richard finally gave in.

Watch astonishing call unfold above.