Shelagh Fogarty: "Parents must tell teenagers to grow a pair and stay inside"

10 April 2020, 16:31

By Fiona Jones

Shelagh Fogarty had this message for parents with teenagers: this isn't the time to show them understanding, it's the time to lock them up and ensure they behave.

The caller Stafford, who used to be a mentor, said that young people are feeling despondent and that "there's no way out."

"The only way they can rebel is by disobeying the law," he said, "they feel like this is the end and they want to go out with a bang...young people have had an easy life so far and this is really hard for them to understand."

Shelagh acknowledged that it is hard but sometimes "you just have to ask for some maturity from your children."

"They don't need mollycoddling, they need flipping telling and their parents need telling," she said, "I don't doubt that there are needs with some of these children, but now isn't the time for that.

"Now is the time to make sure they are locked up in their own home...or just somehow remove them from situations where they're endangering the lives of people like Tony the bus driver who's going home to his wife and his kid and doing the best to stay alive in this crisis," Shelagh said.

"It isn't time to show these kids understanding, it's time to show these kids they have two options: home or something much more serious than staying at home."

"Tell them they have to grow a pair, tell them they have to behave. End of story."