Boris Johnson 'doesn't give a damn' about Northern Ireland, caller tells LBC

20 April 2021, 16:15

By Sam Sholli

This caller told LBC that Prime Minister Boris Johnson doesn't "give a damn" about Northern Ireland, as the disorder continues.

Dave in Liverpool made the remark to LBC's Shelagh Fogarty amid ongoing disorder and tensions across Northern Ireland's communities.

Dave said, "I mean I can't quite understand what this loyalty is from the loyalists towards the British Government or the Queen or whatever."

The loyalists in Northern Ireland are "pretty much ignored" by the British Government and that their loyalty is "not reciprocated", he claimed to Shelagh.

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Dave added: "I just wonder what have the loyalists got to fear from say a united Ireland. I mean what is their fear that would happen to them.

"They might be happier and better off and better treated [under a united Ireland]."

He also said that Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Brandon Lewis "don't give a damn really" about Northern Ireland.

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"The only time they seemed to be interested in Northern Ireland was last year because of Brexit. But since then they've not taken much interest, and that must be insulting for the loyalists."

Meanwhile, journalist Eamonn Mallie earlier today told LBC that unionists in Northern Ireland feel "tricked" as the post-Brexit Irish Sea border is seen as "a break with the Union in essence".

Boris Johnson has vowed to take action on the Northern Ireland Protocol if the EU refuses to abandon "absurd" aspects of the post-Brexit trading arrangements.