Labour MP's deeply personal reason for challenging the health secretary on social care

6 February 2020, 14:37

Labour deputy leader candidate Dr Allin-Khan told LBC that she challenged Matt Hancock over social care after finding her dad "bloodied and bruised" in a care home and "he didn't have an answer."

The Labour deputy leader candidate said she approached Matt Hancock twice to urge a social care green paper to be taken into account in the Conservative manifesto.

The green paper is an outline of a strategy to combat social care issues that the two parties could then work on together.

She told the health secretary in the Commons, "You made a lot of promises during the election campaign, where is this green paper? And he didn't have an answer for me."

This was after Dr Allin-Khan's own experience where she found her father "bloodied and bruised" in a care home and she "never received any answers"; she reflected if it was hard for to get answers, working in the Commons, it must be impossible for tan 80 year old partner.

"What I'm calling for is a fully integrated social care system with the NHS," said Dr Rosena Allin-Khan.

"When I'm in hospital and I see people coming in and I see we don't have a social care service that works, when people can't be safely discharged from hospital it puts a strain on the A&E department, it puts a strain on families.

"Enough is enough and it needs to be fixed now."