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Shelagh Fogarty - Latest Clips

The Princess of Wales says she edited the photograph that was released to mark Mother's Day.

The insistence that we see Kate is tantamount to stalking, writes Shelagh Fogarty

4 months ago

Caller tells Shelagh his solution to illegal immigration.

LBC caller tells Shelagh Fogarty that the Channel islands are the answer to 'illegal immigration'

6 months ago

'Rishi Sunak chooses to do the self interested party politics': Shelagh Fogarty reflects on Tories' immigration policies

'Rishi Sunak chooses to do the self-interested party politics': Shelagh Fogarty reflects on Tories' migration policies

6 months ago

Shelagh Fogarty

Former Treasury official outlines 'three immediate priorities' likely to be reflected in Autumn Statement

8 months ago

Shelagh Fogarty

Suella Braverman's hardline crime bill seems like she's ‘interviewing' for career at ‘pathetic’ news channels, says caller

8 months ago

Shelagh and caller Sam

Anti-Semitic chants and actions 'delegitimize' pro-Palestinian cause asserts this Shelagh Fogarty caller

8 months ago

Shelagh and Ricardo Dos Santos

'It's sickening': Ricardo Dos Santos speaks to Shelagh Fogarty as two officers sacked over stop and search

9 months ago


Rishi Sunak has 'failed monumentally' to 'humanise' both sides of the Israel-Hamas conflict says Israel expert

9 months ago

Shelagh and Callum

Twitter is a 'particularly dangerous' place to get information now says the Centre for Countering Digital Hate

9 months ago

Shelagh and caller Simon

LBC caller details 'disgusting anti-Semitic' act he witnessed, as hate crimes rise in fall out of Israel-Hamas war

9 months ago

Sister of missing Israeli woman

'We hope she's hiding somewhere': Sister of missing Israeli festival goer fears she is being held hostage by Hamas

9 months ago

Distraught caller on Israel-Gaza conflict.

'This is a war against Hamas!': Distraught caller wants Israel and Palestine to take down the 'enemy' together

9 months ago

Shelagh and Alicia Kearns

Head of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee expresses concern over Israeli 'siege of Gaza'

9 months ago

Shelagh Fogarty caller on facial recognition.

This caller lacks 'trust' in the government's handling of the AI facial recognition debate

9 months ago

Shelagh condemns PM's comments on 'dignity' of the elderly.

'He painted a picture of a Britain that the Conservatives meant to build...': Shelagh Fogarty condemns PM's suggestion that elderly have 'dignity'

9 months ago

Shelagh Fogarty on Jenrick

'We're full aren't we?': Shelagh questions Robert Jenrick's motive behind encouraging Brits to increase birth rate

9 months ago

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Shelagh talks to caller Serena

Caller admits to Shelagh Fogarty she felt 'inadequate' for claiming benefits while caring for her disabled son

Jon Venables should not be released, writes Shelagh Fogarty

Jon Venables should not be released, writes Shelagh Fogarty

Shelagh and caller Mike

The Conservative Party is now infiltrated by 'UKIP-ers' and 'self-serving individuals' says Shelagh Fogarty caller

Shelagh and caller on May

Nostalgia for Theresa May amid current political discontent should be 'resisted', says this Shelagh Fogarty caller

1 in 3 female surgeons have been sexually assaulted

Shelagh Fogarty hits out at the ‘boys club sexually molesting and abusing’ female surgeons

Shelagh and caller Richard

'I've come to hate my mum': Full-time carer blames 13 years of Tory budget cuts for lack of local authority support

Shelagh and neonatal nurse

Neonatal nurse expresses 'real concern' about midwifery profession to Shelagh Fogarty

Shelagh and Wes Streeting

'There's nothing more important': Wes Streeting sends brazen message to Rishi Sunak ahead of further NHS strikes

Shelagh Fogarty and this caller discuss what they think are the weaknesses of the Conservatives.

To 'get on' in this country, you must be a 'healthy recluse', says Conservative-critical caller

Shelagh and caller Mary

'It's broken beyond repair': This caller fears for poverty stricken people as report reveals collapse of social contract

LBC caller blames increased attacks against shop workers on them 'riling up' customers

NHS 'breathes and sweats woke', says caller who 'detests' using public health service

Shelagh Fogarty questions why schools are only built to last 30 years.

'Someone needs to carry the can' for schools with 'built-in obsolescence', ex-headteacher demands

Shelagh Fogarty

'It felt like alcoholism': Comedian Mark Watson's three year affair confession prompts caller to discuss infidelity

Shelagh caller on expensive university fees

'We're going to use lose talent': Irate caller criticises expensive student fees saying 'it's not worth it' for minimum wage jobs

NHS doctors and nurses call in, claiming they are silenced by managers

NHS whistleblowers are 'silenced' by managers, claim nurses and doctors after baby killer Letby sentenced to life

In Great Britain, the United Kingdom, people should afford food’: caller is distraught at the state of his country

'In Great Britain people should afford food’: Caller is distraught over the inequality in the UK