James O'Brien caller 'depressed' as 'corporate' wife works from home

2 March 2021, 12:19

By Sam Sholli

A caller has told James O'Brien he dislikes experiencing his wife's "corporate" persona now she is working from home.

Richard from Worthing made the point to James with many people in the UK having not been to their work offices for around a year.

Government advice for people to work from home has been in place since the first Covid lockdown in March of last year.

Richard told James: "First of all I have to say that I really love my wife."

"Obviously pre-Covid she worked in an office. Post-Covid she has been working at home every day. She's got a very good job and she keeps the whole family going, which is great."

Speaking of his wife working from home, he added: "I really dislike it because I've got my corporate wife at home.

"I've seen a side of my wife that I never have ever seen before ever and I really don't like it because obviously one of our bedrooms is now her huge office.

"And all I hear coming out this room all day is corporate arguments and corporate speech."

Richard told James that he feels "depressed" about the situation: "Sometimes I'll walk past a room and she'll be in a meeting and the door will get slammed on me because she's doing something private in a meeting."

Latest Government advice regarding working from home is to keep on doing so unless it's impossible, and a reviewing on the subject of returning to work offices is due for completion by June 21st.