James O'Brien's instant reaction to Cummings' 'astonishing attack' on PM

5 July 2021, 14:11

By Fiona Jones

Dominic Cummings has released an "astonishing attack" on Boris Johnson via his blog page. James O'Brien gives his instant reaction.

Former aide Dominic Cummings has posted a damning account of Boris Johnson on his blog, which James has branded an "astonishing attack" on his former boss.

In the post he also describes the Prime Minister as someone "who doesn't know what he's doing" meaning "we may be able to get him to agree things the system will think are extreme but we think are necessary."

James reflected that despite Mr Cummings's denigration, he "helped put [the PM] in Downing Street, helped him stay there and helped achieve the epic con that created an environment in which Boris Johnson could become Prime Minister."

"Sadly the stakes are still far too high to enjoy any schadenfreude whatsoever at the sight of a man who did more than any, in arguably the history of these islands, to denigrate objective truth, railing furiously and impotently at the fact that everyone's ignoring [him]," James said.

He continued: "No one cares Dominic, because you created this place where experts don't matter. You created this space where facts got shouted down by ludicrous foghorn project fears, you created this space where a man who you described in the most castigating of terms could become Prime Minister and be free to act with impunity."

James quoted sections of the piece where Dominic Cummings explains the different "modes" of Boris Johnson: "Behind each mask lies another mask...normal mode, self-aware mode, Carrie mode."

"If you want to read it, you have to pay him. It's got a pay wall on it," James told listeners.

He considered this "emblematic" of the UK's political situation: "That would be the unelected bureaucrat the Brexit put in the very heart of power, now he's telling you how awful it is, how rotten that heart of power is, but he wants you to pay him for the privilege of reading what he discovered while being paid by you to make an absolute pig's ear of the most important job in Government."