James O'Brien's Stylish Demolition Of John Redwood's Latest Brexit Tweet

12 October 2017, 15:06

James O'Brien labelled John Redwood's latest tweet about the European Union as the "maddest" thing said to date on Brexit.

John Redwood believes Philip Hammond is being too pessimistic on the future of Brexit, tweeting:

And that really tickled James O'Brien. He said: "Just let those words sink in. A traditionalist Tory from very much the right wing of the party has apparently been under the impression for his entire political career that there's a bunch of money in the Treasury that the Chancellor just hasn't found yet. It's just a question of looking in the right places. Yeah go on then, most obviously perhaps down the back of the sofas.

"And secondly, if your bank manager tells you your bank balance and you don't like the sound of it then you are now charged with telling him to blooming well cheer up and be a bit more optimistic.

"Remember, these people told us we would be better off, our lives would be improved, our economy would be booming and we'd have £350million quid a week for the NHS.

James O'Brien hilariously destroyed John Redwood's claim
James O'Brien hilariously destroyed John Redwood's claim. Picture: LBC

"Now John Redwood today has just tweeted that the Chancellor must get the Treasury to have more realistic, optimistic forecasts and to find the money for a successful economy post Brexit.

"Whether or not he's aware of this, you should be. The Office of Budgetary Responsibility has just reported that the economic forecasts for the last seven or eight years have been overly optimistic. It's kind of wiped out the money that Philip Hammond was hoping to put to one side to cushion the blow of Brexit.

"That's the same Brexit that was supposed to make us all better off and improve the British economy. So faced with the incontrovertible truth that things are looking pretty ropey, John Redwood has decided that the answer is optimism."

What followed that was James's hilarious attempt to apply that optimism to other areas of life. Watch the video at the top of the page.