James O'Brien's Monologue On Rural Bus Services Has Listeners Gripped

22 January 2019, 11:52 | Updated: 22 January 2019, 11:55

James O'Brien did a monologue on the disappearance of bus services in rural Britain - and listeners were gripped.

A report on the HuffPost looked into the loss of a Sunday bus service in Cannock, Staffordshire, and the loneliness and isolation that it can cause people.

James O'Brien spoke about it on his LBC show - and how this is a result of the way politics and society has gone recently.

He said: "Nobody speaks for these people. Ever.

"Even Jeremy Corbyn, for all his sincere concern for the less fortunate, never addresses what it would be like to be under house arrest in your own home, to be stranded in 21st century Britain.

James O'Brien's monologue on rural bus services was surprisingly touching
James O'Brien's monologue on rural bus services was surprisingly touching. Picture: PA / LBC

"And the reason it happens is quite frightening. It's the definition of the destination of many vested interests are taking us at the moment. If it's not commercially justified, if it's not something that business wants to do, then it shouldn't happen at all.

"I reject that idea completely.

"Britain is built on the idea that you pay into a pot without any guarantee that you will take out as much as you put in. It's in case you end up living in a corner of the country that is well-served by public transport at a time that you lose your driving licence.

"You've been paying into a system in a way that if you need it, it is there. That's the opposite of where politics is going. If you need it, it is there."

Listeners were gripped by the topic.