"There is no local lockdown," Weston-super-Mare residents tell James O'Brien

29 June 2020, 14:18

By Fiona Jones

Two Weston-super Mare residents confirm to James O'Brien that "there is no local lockdown" despite the Prime Minister claiming the town has been effectively locked down for two weeks.

Speaking at Prime Minister's Questions, Sir Keir Starmer asked for guidance on how local lockdowns will be implemented.

Mr Johnson responded: "Everybody understands and we have seen across the country when there are outbreaks, for instance in Weston-super-Mare or in GP surgeries in North London, there have been local lockdowns and crackdowns.

"We have a very effective cluster busting operation which is designed to ensure that we keep those outbreaks under control."

Weston-super-Mare Councillor Mike Bell denied these claims and clarified that while Weston General has closed its doors due to a spike in Covid-19 cases, there is "by no stretch" any kind of local lockdown.

Local resident Neil jokingly said the lockdown "was fantastic - everyone was doing what they wanted anyway but with no hospital."

A resident told James O&squot;Brien the Prime Minister is "spouting nonsense" about Weston-super-Mare
A resident told James O'Brien the Prime Minister is "spouting nonsense" about Weston-super-Mare. Picture: PA/LBC

James reflected that it is good to laugh but if Boris Johnson used the town as an example at PMQs then the Councillor Bell announced he was incorrect and "he's still doing it now, that's actually not very funny."

Claire, another local resident, told James, "There was no lockdown...I'm so happy that you're the first person who's noticed he's been spewing nonsense about Weston-super-Mare's lockdown.

"They closed the hospital which they do at 10 o'clock on Saturday anyway."

James was in disbelief and said, "We shouldn't be laughing at this but there comes a point where we have no choice."

Separately pubs, restaurants and hairdressers in Leicester may be forced to stay closed two weeks after the national opening on 4 July after a rise in coronavirus cases, the city's mayor has suggested.

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