Brexiteers Threw Expats Under The "£350 million" Bus Says James

3 March 2017, 11:16 | Updated: 3 March 2017, 11:31

Never say that Remainers 'don't care about Brits abroad'- they care more than Brexiteers do, says James O'Brien.

Here James O'Brien explains how Remainers care more about Expats than Brexiteers do.

He said: "Every single Remain vote cast was cast, intentionally or not, to protect every single British person living on the Costa del Sol, every single British person living in Germany, every single British person living in France, stability and security.  

"Or if you want to have slightly less positive description, the status quo. The status quo left them safe and secure. Every single Remain vote spoke to that safety and security.  

"Spoke to that status quo. So even by the standards of dishonesty, deception and disgusting tactics, now employed by people beginning to realise that they've possibly bitten off more than they can chew, or probably made a terrible mistake.  

"The acrobatics they undergo to justify their decision and silent dissent, have now created a scenario in which people who voted to throw expats lives into turmoil. 

"People who deliberately and consciously cast a vote that they knew, because they were told often enough, would leave British people on the Costa del Sol, would leave British people in Germany, and would leave British people everywhere else in the European Union, facing confusion, definitely, turmoil, probably, and expulsion, possibly, but I still don't think so.  

"Every single person who voted to Leave, voted to throw their lives into potential confusion, and they are now turning around, and again it's not all of them, by any stretch of the imagination, but what you might call the surprisingly large lunatic fringe on that side of the argument, they're now turning around and claiming they care more. 

"'Remoaners don't care about Brits abroad', Remoaners voted to look after them, you irredeemable prunes. Remoaners voted to look after them, you voted to throw them under a bus with 350 million quid written on the side, in lies as big as they come.

"That's a description of fact, circumstance evidence. Everybody who voted to Leave, voted to create a scenario in which British expats working abroad, would at best be confused, and at worst be deported. 

"So please don't insult yourself, your own intelligence, let alone mine, by claiming that somehow people saying that we should act now to protect our friends and neighbours in Britain, in a way that should be utterly independent of the bigger picture, is in any way evidence that people who voted to Remain care less for Brits abroad, than they do for their friends and neighbours here regardless of where they may have been born."