James O'Brien gets to the heart of claims levelled against the PM

26 April 2021, 11:43

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

'The bodies did pile high in their thousands, that's the tragedy here' -  James O'Brien sums up the 'story behind the headline' of the 'let the bodies pile high' claim levelled at Boris Johnson.

The conversation comes after reports that the Prime Minister said he would rather see "bodies pile high in their thousands" than order a third lockdown.

This led to James examining the issue and revealing the story "behind the headlines."

He told his LBC audience that the real tragedy was that "the bodies did pile high in their thousands."

James said the PM again, "opted for the worst of all possible words."

"He ended up having to do the third lockdown but by then it was so confused and so late the bodies piled up anyway."

The remarks were reportedly made after the Prime Minister agreed to a second lockdown, and suggest Mr Johnson was prepared to face a mounting death toll rather than order a third set of tough restrictions, something he was eventually forced to do.

The decision on the second lockdown last autumn was leaked and is the subject of an inquiry to find the so-called "chatty rat" who tipped off the press.