James Destroys PM's Christian Comments In 30 Seconds

1 December 2016, 11:09 | Updated: 1 December 2016, 11:54

James Angry

James O'Brien makes a very strong point about Theresa May's call for Christian to be 'more open about their beliefs.'

Theresa May has said that Christian's need to be free to express their religious beliefs in public. James said that this has little to do with some of the best teaching of the religion - and a lot more with the worst.

“This isn't about Christianity, This isn't about loving your neighbour. This isn't about looking after the poor.”

“This isn't about the meek inheriting the earth. This isn't about being excellent to each other and seeking to do the right thing by those less fortunate than yourself.”

“This is about BnB owners being able to turn away gay couples. This is about Belfast bakers being able to decide what cakes they bake and don't bake and this is about people being able to stand up in public and describe homosexuality as sinful without being told to sod off.”

“That's what this is about and I would love to be wrong.”