James O'Brien Takes On The Daily Mail Over Brexit Coverage

18 January 2017, 11:18 | Updated: 18 January 2017, 11:20

James O'Brien Theresa May

Margaret Thatcher's greatest business legacy was dismantled yesterday by a woman the Daily Mail have anointed the new Thatcher. James O'Brien asks if we're going mad.

The front page of the Daily Mail has a cartoon of Theresa May looking very Thatcher-like, standing on the White Cliffs of Dover with the headline "Steel Of The New Iron Lady".

Inside, a headline booms "A Great Nation Is Reborn".

James O'Brien was baffled by the coverage, telling his LBC show: "Margaret Thatcher invented the single market. Margaret blooming Thatcher invented the single market. It was part of her fetishisation of business.

"And it worked. It was all about ensuring that British exporters in particular, British businesses in general, could make more money by enjoying freedom of movement, of services, of trade and of course of people.

"Margaret Thatcher's greatest business legacy got torn up yesterday by a woman that the Daily Mail is anointing the new Margaret Thatcher.

"And you think I'm going mad."