James Schools Female Caller Who Says Women Must Take Responsibility For Presidents Club

26 January 2018, 11:59

This female caller organises men-only charity dinners and explained how she would respond if a hostess complained of harassment. But James told her she's got it the wrong way round.

Francine said women must take responsibility for stopping the sexual harassment by men in events like the Presidents Club dinner.

And she revealed that they should know that the men will be drinking and enjoying themselves, so they should know what to expect.

And that set James off, as he labelled some of Francine's comments "vile" and "repellant".

James O'Brien had to educate the female caller over sexual harassment
James O'Brien had to educate the female caller over sexual harassment . Picture: LBC

He responded: "I can never hear a tale of a woman being badly treated by a man and think 'I'm going to say something negative about a woman'. And I'm a bloke."

Francine insisted: "Had this molestation happened in a park, quite right, do whatever you need to do. It happened on a charity evening when the girls know the guys are going to be sat there, having drinks, laughing, joking."

But James hit back: "No. Again, this is what we have to change.

"This blithe acceptance that you've just accepted that it's going to happen. No, no, no.

"I know you don't intend to do this - and you don't realise that you're doing it - you're telling men it's ok.

"Wake up to yourself, Francine."