Lord Heseltine's Withering Answer On Who He Wants As Tory Leader

24 May 2019, 11:11

Lord Heseltine told LBC that some candidates in the Conservative leadership race are "switching to Euroscepticism" to win the top Tory job.

Following the announcement by Theresa May that she will leave Downing Street in the first week of June, Tory Peer Lord Heseltine gave his reaction to LBC.

When James O'Brien asked who he would like to see as the new leader of the Conservative Party, the former Deputy Prime Minister said he was "more interest in the new song than the new singer."

Lord Heseltine was speaking to LBC's James O'Brien.
Lord Heseltine was speaking to LBC's James O'Brien. Picture: LBC

"Let's see what they say," Lord Heseltine said.

When asked if he had seen any evidence in the careers of thus far that would prompt him to prefer one candidate over another, the Tory Peer replied: "No, indeed the reverse."

The Peer told LBC he has seen people he knows people who I know believe that Britain's interests are best served within Europe, "switching to Euroscepticism."

He said he believed they were doing it for a better chance to win the leadership challenge.

The Conservative Lord said: "It will not serve the best interests of the country or the Conservative party."

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