Sadiq Khan: The Only Way To Stop An Extreme Tory Brexit Is A Labour Government

28 November 2017, 11:24 | Updated: 28 November 2017, 11:38

A major US bank claims the prospect of a government under Jeremy Corbyn is a more serious threat to British asset markets than Brexit - Sadiq Khan disagrees.

A major US bank is warning a Jeremy Corbyn-led government is a bigger risk than Brexit.

Morgan Stanley says if Labour were to come to power in a snap election next year, the FTSE 100 could crash by 32 per cent by 2019.

During the #SpeakToSadiq phone-in with James O'Brien, the London Mayor said he completely disagreed with Morgan Stanley's assessment.

Sadiq said the report was "disingenuous" and did not chime with private conversations he has had with the investment bank and other financial institutions, whose Brexit concerns are "extremely worrying."

"I've not met anybody since June, when it became more likely than less that Jeremy Corbyn would be Prime Minister, who said they were going to leave the country because of him," the Mayor said.

"The concerns people have got is around an extreme hard Brexit and, I tell you this, if there was a Labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn, we wouldn't have a extreme Tory hard Brexit."

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