Scottish caller: 'There's nothing in between little Englanders and Scottish nationalists'

17 November 2020, 14:19

By Sam Sholli

This is the moment a James O'Brien caller from Scotland expressed concern that "there's nothing in between" Scottish nationalists and "little Englanders".

Raymond from Falkirk made the comment as the PM has come under fire for reportedly labelling devolution "a disaster north of the border" while talking to Conservative MPs on Monday.

Reports suggest that in conversation with the MPs, Mr Johnson said handing greater powers to the four nations had been "Tony Blair's biggest mistake" as PM.

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has responded by criticising the Prime Minister and suggesting the Conservative Party is a "threat" to the Scottish Parliament.

Raymond told James: "We have with Boris Johnson the biggest nincompoop I have ever come across."

Speaking more broadly about his political views, Raymond said: "I'm not SNP. I want to remain in Europe and I want to remain in the United Kingdom. But we have a got a little Englander situation and we've got a nationalist thing and there's nothing in between."

He also said that at the last general election he didn't vote despite being a lifelong Labour voter up to that point. He said his local Labour candidate at the last general election "was too down for anti-Semitism".

Raymond added: "I've voted Labour [in my life]. Actually I've been the biggest fan of Jeremy Corbyn but his time is gone. It's like Beckham at Manchester United. Let's move on."

Later on in the exchange, James told Raymond: "Here is the problem in a nutshell, I think. And I think your passion and your clear raw emotion have brought this home for me.

"If we do get another referendum and if it goes opposite to the way the last one went, then in ten years time a lot of Scottish people may look back...and think 'why on the earth did we throw all that away because temporarily Boris Johnson was in Downing Street and the flipping English needed a few years to see what a massive mistake Brexit was?'"