James O'Brien asks Sadiq Khan again and again who he's backing for Labour leader

9 January 2020, 11:05

James O'Brien was forced to ask Sadiq Khan a number of times who he is backing as the next Labour leader after the Mayor of London refused to give a straight answer.

Sadiq Khan nominated Jeremy Corbyn to be in the race in 2015 before voting for Andy Burnham, while two years later, he backed Owen Smith in the leadership challenge.

With six candidates currently confirmed to be running, James was keen to know who one of the most senior Labour politicians in the country is backing.

But he simply couldn't get a straight answer, with Mr Khan insisting he would wait to see what the candidates had to say before going public on his support.

James O'Brien pressed Sadiq Khan to say who he backs for Labour leader
James O'Brien pressed Sadiq Khan to say who he backs for Labour leader. Picture: LBC

After the Mayor refused to say who he was backing a number of times, James tried another tack - who would the Mayor rule out from supporting.

For example, James asked if he would refuse to back Rebecca Long-Bailey after she said that she would rate Jeremy Corbyn's leadership as 10/10.

Mr Khan responded: "When you're being interviewed by somebody, you sometimes say things you wish you hadn't."

But James told him: "I don't think you've ever said anything you regret because you very rarely say anything substantive."

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