Andrea Leadsom Wasn't Happy When James O'Brien Asked For Details On Plan To Renegotiate Brexit Deal

23 July 2019, 14:06

Andrea Leadsom told James O'Brien the EU will open Brexit renegotiations for Boris Johnson, but she wasn't happy when he asked for detail.

The former leadership contender told James that after meeting with representatives of some European countries, the EU would be prepared to reopen negotiations for the next Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

"Our EU friends and neighbours do want the UK to leave the European Union with a good deal for us and for them, so I believe they will be open to discussions with the new incoming Prime Minister," she said.

But as James put to her that the EU has already offered what they thought was a good deal, he asked Ms Leadsom what a renegotiated deal would look like in order to persuade Tory MPs to back it.

Ms Leadsom told him that "there needs to be adjustments" and said "there are lots of elements of the Withdrawal Agreement that would be in all of our interests to agree".

Andrea Leadsom backed Boris Johnson for Tory leader after being eliminated from the contest herself
Andrea Leadsom backed Boris Johnson for Tory leader after being eliminated from the contest herself. Picture: Getty

But James pressed, asking the Boris-backer what parts of the Withdrawal Agreement she would want to see changed.

"It's not a matter of changing," she answered, adding: "It's a matter of there are somethings in the Withdrawal Agreement that are very clearly in the UK's and the EU's interest to enshrine into an agreement between now and the end of October, and what those are will be a matter for the negotiation."

James said: "But the bits you would not want to see repeated?"

Ms Leadsom replied: "Elements Parliament was concerned about was primarily the backstop. This is a negotiation, Boris has just literally been announced as the next Prime Minister and we need to give him the opportunity to open the negotiation and get a good deal - I believe our EU friends and neighbours will be up for that too."

James said: "But you've heard nothing to suggest the EU are prepared to abandon the position they've held for the last year or so and reopen negotiations? We're just hoping they will?"

"Of course," she replied.

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