"Boris Johnson is doing something brilliant": James O'Brien praises PM's obesity plan

27 July 2020, 12:01

By Adrian Sherling

James O'Brien is one of Boris Johnson's biggest critics, but gave the Prime Minister a huge amount of praise for his plan to tackle obesity.

The Prime Minister has revealed he's lost a stone after recovering from coronavirus and is urging people to take action to improve their health by losing weight.

The Government's obesity strategy includes an end to confectionary displays at checkouts in shops and a ban on TV adverts for junk food before 9pm.

After speaking to Jamie Oliver, James was effusive with his praise for the policy.

He said: "This is very very much a step in the right direction.

"This is Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister, doing something I think is absolutely brilliant. It's brilliant.

James O&squot;Brien hailed Boris Johnson&squot;s obesity plan as "brilliant"
James O'Brien hailed Boris Johnson's obesity plan as "brilliant". Picture: LBC / PA

"I know that if you've got your own scarf tied so tightly around your neck that the flow of oxygen to your brain was cut off months ago, you can't quite imagine how a human being can say 'that politician is largely awful, but has just done something brilliant'.

"So Boris Johnson has done something brilliant. I don't think I can make that any clearer. Start the countdown now to 'oh, even if he found the cure for cancer, you'd still give him a kicking'.

"No, Boris Johnson has done something b-r-i-l-l-i-a-n-t. Maybe I just need someone to translate it into gammon."

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