James O'Brien's brilliant point on Boris Johnson's controversial "Nigerian" comment

28 November 2019, 13:20

James O'Brien said the media coverage would be very different if Jeremy Corbyn had made similar remarks to those Boris Johnson made about Nigerians.

The Daily Mirror unearthed an article written by the Prime Minister from The Spectator magazine in which he said young people had "an almost Nigerian interest in money".

But caller Mohammad pointed out that it would be on the front page of every newspaper if Jeremy Corbyn had said "young people had an almost Jewish interest in money".

Speaking to James O'Brien, he said: "If you replaced the word Nigerian with Jewish and instead of Boris, it was Corbyn that said it, the exact same people defending Boris would be outraged and foaming at the mouth.

"It's tribalism, but it's a disgusting thing to say regardless."

James O'Brien in the LBC studio
James O'Brien in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

James stated: "I would be disgusted if Jeremy Corbyn said that. But I am also disgusted at Boris Johnson. That seems hard for people to understand. You don't have to pick a side in these sort of issues.

"But people who are offended by these sort of things will continue to be offended who quite like a bit of racism won't be bothered by it at all."

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