"Boris Johnson's Deal Makes A Second Referendum More Likely"

17 October 2019, 13:50

Boris Johnson's Brexit deal makes a second referendum more likely, according to LBC's Political Editor Theo Usherwood.

The Prime Minister says he has agreed a 'great new Brext deal' with the EU and has appealed to parliament to back it. He claims it takes back control for Britain.

It must now be ratified by the 27 EU member states at the summit in Brussels and then voted on by MPs in the Commons on Saturday. But the DUP has confirmed to LBC they still won't back it, making it difficult to get the deal through parliament.

Speaking to James O'Brien, Theo believes the lack of support by the DUP is a big boost for campaigners of a second referendum.

He said: "No deal would appear to be dead.

"The reason I say this is that the strategy Boris Johnson is using by putting aside the DUP and agreeing to this deal without his support, he will be in a position on Saturday to put his deal to parliament.

Theo Usherwood believes a second referendum is more likely
Theo Usherwood believes a second referendum is more likely. Picture: PA / LBC

"If the DUP do not vote for it, we would assume the government does not have the support for his deal and we could also assume that the government would lose a vote on an amendment for a second referendum.

"But crucially, there would be a second referendum on Boris Johnson's deal versus Remain, not on Theresa May's deal versus Remain."

When James asked if he thinks this makes a People's Vote more likely, Theo responded: "Yes. He's leaving the DUP behind, so you will also see a chunk of the ERG. He won't be able to win them over."

A second referendum is expected to be included in an amendment in the parliamentary votes in Saturday's historic session.