What Are Boris Johnson's Options If The DUP Won't Back His Brexit Plan?

17 October 2019, 11:11 | Updated: 17 October 2019, 11:18

Boris Johnson has agreed a new Brexit plan with the EU - but the DUP say they will not back it. James O'Brien and Theo Usherwood explain what his options are next.

The Prime Minister says he has agreed a 'great new Brext deal' with the EU and has appealed to parliament to back it.

But the DUP has confirmed to LBC they still won't back the agreement, making it very difficult for Mr Johnson to get it through parliament.

LBC's Political Editor Theo Usherwood spoke to James O'Brien to outline what the Prime Minister can do now...

Theo Usherwood explained what Boris Johnson's options are now
Theo Usherwood explained what Boris Johnson's options are now. Picture: PA / LBC

He explained that Boris Johnson has three options:

1) Get DUP onboard. Sign deal with EU, get it through Parliament unchanged. This is his ideal plan, but now looks unlikely, unless the DUP have a change of heart.

2) Screw over the DUP by still signing the deal with EU in Brussels. The PM will recognise he'll lose DUP support - and with it a chunk of the ERG. The EU will know that the votes aren't there to pass the agreement in the Commons, but there's a route towards a second referendum with a Labour-backed amendment.

3) Don't submit a legal text. Don't move motion for Parliament to sit on Saturday. Ask official to sign a letter requesting an extension, or wait for the Scottish courts to rule against you on Monday.