James O'Brien's Caller Describes Boris Johnson As "Philandering Yoghurt Pot"

28 September 2018, 13:53

This is the fascinating theory from a James O'Brien caller on why people still back Boris Johnson, despite proof of his lies.

Joseph in Plaistow called in with an explanation of the Dollar Auction Game.

In it, he explains the game: "I've got £10 and two players. I say you can buy the £10 for any amount of money. But any amount of money that you offer, no matter who wins, I get to keep.

"Which means that one person bids £1, it's rational for them to outbid each other up to £9, because they are still getting £10 for £9. But then one of them thinks they don't want to lose their money, so I'm going to call it quits and I'm going to buy your £10 for £10.

"At which point, the game doesn't end, because the other player is going to lose £9, so they pay £11 and only lose £1. People keep outbidding each other and it can go up and up and up.

James picks up: "So it becomes more about minimising your losses than maximising your profits. Mate, that's it."

James O'Brien heard a brilliant theory about Boris Johnson
James O'Brien heard a brilliant theory about Boris Johnson. Picture: LBC / PA

Joseph carries on: "Boris has got these people to play the game. Everyone else is bidding their time, reputation and cultural capital by supporting him. And they know that whatever happens, they are going to lose that to an extent.

"So they think if they're going to lose no matter what, I may as well lose while electing a Prime Minister."

James labelled him Caller of the Week and listeners loved Joseph's description. But they loved it even more for what followed.

He added: "They are thinking 'Even if I know that he is a philandering yoghurt pot, it's my Prime Minister who has won."