The Brexit Caller That Left James O'Brien Screaming In Frustration

20 April 2018, 11:05 | Updated: 20 April 2018, 11:09

James O'Brien was left screaming with frustration after a Brexit supporter told him that "we'll find a way" to deal with the Northern Ireland border when we leave the European Union.

EU officials have "annihilated" all of Theresa May's proposals for the Irish border post-Brexit.

But Bob in Romford dismissed their concerns, saying something will come up that will solve the problem of Northern Ireland having different trade deals with the Republic of Ireland.

When James asked him for how it will work, Bob said he didn't want to go into detail and that made James make this reaction.

James O'Brien screams in frustration
James O'Brien screams in frustration. Picture: LBC

James asked again and again what the solution that would work is, but failed to get a single answer, other than: "I'm not going into detail. It's about the negotiation."

James disagreed: "It's about what solution works, Bob.

"The whole programme is dedicated to the self-evident truth that you cannot solve this problem while observing the tenets of the Good Friday Agreement and the rules of Customs Union membership.

"But you've told me there is a solution. What is it?"

Bob's answer: "The solution will be found if there's good faith negotiation on both sides."

James responded: "So you've got absolutely no idea what it's going to look like, smell like or talk like. But you're supremely confident that it's going to turn up one day."

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