Brexit Sign Campaigner On How He Made His Viral "Big Stick"

30 November 2018, 13:10

The man who became famous by holding up anti-Brexit signs behind news presenters told James O'Brien the background to his "big stick" sign.

Steve Bray shot to fame after his appearance in the background of a BBC news interview outside parliament went viral on social media.

The corporation's response was build a two-storey temporary studio on College Green for their presenters to stand on.

Steve got around problem of the 20-foot-high platform by putting his Stop Brexit sign on a 20-foot pole.

Steve Bray and his big stick
Steve Bray and his big stick. Picture: Steve Bray | LBC

James O'Brien asked him: "After the BBC erected 20-foot platforms to stop you polluting the backdrop of all their political interviews, how long did it take you to realise that all you needed to do was to buy a 20-foot-long stick?"

Steve's brilliant response: "Somebody posted a picture on Twitter of this platform going up. Within 20 minutes, I was at Screwfix."

Watch his lovely interview at the top of the page.