James O'Brien Slams "Ludicrous" Kate Hoey

27 November 2017, 13:18 | Updated: 27 November 2017, 16:34

James O'Brien hammers Kate Hoey's "Trumpian" suggestion that Ireland pay for a border between itself and the North.

Kate Hoey has suggested that Ireland will have to pay for a physical border with the UK once it leaves the European Union.

The Brexit supporter, originally from Northern Ireland, criticised the Irish government's approach to the issue and said there is no need for a physical border.

She said: "We're not the ones who are going to be putting up the physical border. If it ends up with a no deal, we won't be putting up the border, they'll have to pay for it because it doesn't need to happen."

James O'Brien labelled the Labour MP's idea as "ludicrous."

He said: "Trumpian parallels are just a little bit irresistible. But saying that there will have to be a border and the Irish will have to pay for it. That's what we've become now.

"What a ludicrous, ludicrous woman."

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