James O'Brien's Brutal Take On Boris Johnson And Jeremy Hunt

10 July 2019, 14:34

This is James O'Brien's take on Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt following their fiery TV debate over the Tory leadership.

The duo, aiming to be Britain's next Prime Minister, repeatedly clashed live on ITV over Brexit, foreign policy and tax.

And James admitted he was baffled how we have ended up choosing between two people so unsuitable for the role of Prime Minister.

Speaking on his LBC show, James said: "How the hell has this happened?

"How have we got one man claiming that his record at the NHS, which got worse under every available measure while he was in charge of it, qualifies him for the biggest job in politics, going toe-to-toe with another man whose almost every utterance now has been rendered ridiculous.

"And the Conservative Party membership are going to pick the ridiculous one rather than the slightly less ridiculous one."

James O'Brien had lots to say about Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt
James O'Brien had lots to say about Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt. Picture: Getty / LBC

Focussing on the favourite for be the next Prime Minister, James added: "Boris Johnson has reached the point where he is going blah blah blah and not saying anything substantive at all. Because the minute he says anything substantive, it falls apart.

"Everything he's said recently has been proved wrong by events, been proved wrong by reality."

James pointed to the interview he had about what a WTO Brexit would look like and the likelihood of GATT 24. But in the ITV Debate, Mr Johnson was still mentioning it as a successful element of a no-deal Brexit.

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